To be honest, I still don’t know. I am the type to like everything about the person that I like. I am the type to easily fall in love.
—IU (via fantasma-vingador)
A celebrity I’m close to? IU of course. She comes to find me whereever I am. She even appeared as a guest on the ‘Get it Beauty’ show which I’m an MC of. Besides that, she also often comes over to my radio program to have fun together. She really keeps coming. Not drawing the line between work and our personal lives, IU really cares for me, the unni. I’m really thankful towards her (laughs)
—Yoo Inna (in an interview)
It probably started when we both first appeared on ‘Heroes’ and our friendship was built over time. IU and I communicated a lot. Everyday, we would type long messages to one another about our day. How I felt that day or the stuff I went through. Things that made me happy, tired or sad, or whenever I wanted to seek solace. We talked about everything. Seems like we really bared our souls to one another.. now she’s really like family to me.
—Yoo Inna (in an interview)
Perhaps we got along better precisely because of our age gap (Note: IU and Yoo Inna are 11 years apart). IU is the only person who never gets tired of me. Between friends, sometimes you fight or get jealous of one another. Between lovers, sometimes you feel uneasy about your feelings towards one another too. But IU and I are different. Both of us feel that the other person is the only one who doesn’t make us feel uncomfortable. Because we’ll always be there for each other and no matter what we do, we stand by one another. Perhaps it’s because of our age gap that we can maintain such a relationship? Anyway, IU is someone I can’t live without (laughs).
—Yoo Inna (in an interview)